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Cabernet sauvignon

Dry wine, deep ruby-red color, a stronger body, with pronounced varietal flavor and aroma reminiscent of black currant, vanilla, and green peppers. On the balance of flavor and intensity of the basic components give natural possibility for long-term aging. Matured in French oak barrels, the young oak flavors - vanilla, toasted bread, spices, are actually a part of the profile of the wine. Consumable with red meat and game dishes.


Greenish-yellow color which with aging becomes bright yellow with golden reflections. Smell is clean, green apple prevalent and similar fruits. It has a touch of minerality, which combined with the fruitiness gives a fantastic combination. Fresh and harmonious, of slightly bitter taste blends ideally with white meat dishes, but also with the Zagorje turkey.


Greenish-yellow, ripens early, fresh floral fragrance and is more like Rhine Riesling being also one of its parents. On the nose clean, in the development stage. With expressive aroma, balanced wine, of medium body. Agrees with most dishes from the Zagorje authentic cuisine as well as with seafood dishes.

Rhine Riesling

Semi-dry, of yellow-green color with a hint of gold, with intense scent of a fresh green apple, with soft but strong body. Extremely expressive and yet light and elegant, with accentuated minerality, ready for long-term aging in the bottle. Recommended with pork tenderloin and baked dishes.

Pinot Gris

Semidry wine, straw-yellow color with pink highlights. With intense fruitiness and aroma. Complex wine, smooth, rounded, with pronounced varietal characteristics. It is perfectly with seafood dishes, especially the octopus.

Sauvignon Blanc

Dry wine, pale yellow-green color, on the nose intense, in the fragrance recognized are aromas of elder, grass, gooseberry. Extremely complex wine that is distinguished by its fresh aroma and balanced invigorating sour flavor. Served with cold appetizers and cheese.


Dry white wine, a greenish-yellow color, pronounced fruitiness, strong, smooth. Naturally high alcohol content gives it a rounded and sweet flavor. Fruit flavors can range from lemon to apple. Ideal for aging in new barrique barrels, and thenks to its neutrality it is a gladly seen partner to continental dishes.

Yellow Muscat, late harvest

Dessert wine, of a straw-yellow color, expressed nutmeg scent, real explosion of flavor and floral aroma. Of a long-term taste, aromatic. It is perfectly served with the Zagorje strudel-“strukli”, strudels, and all kinds of desserts.