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About us

As a family we are traditionally involved in vineyard cultivation and wine production. Since the time when our ancestors cultivated vines as their nurturer and savior, facing poverty and suffering to the present day, when already the third generation of the Micaks closes one period treading towards the challenges of the 21st century. Wine does not only attract us by its charm, but also enriches our business in trading, hosting our guests, socializing with friends, music and singing, and everyday life, in the village which annually visits nearly one million people, most of whom are pilgrims. In fact, we are a part of that flow of the people we do not personally know, yet to us they are so close and so familiar, what gives rise to even greater friendliness and conviviality. Job that we do and the results we have achieved reinforce our knowledge that this generation of the MICAK family will survive with the vines, in the shelter of the Marija Bistrica sanctuary and all the good people of this region.